Monday, June 27, 2011

How to write a blog:

This article will outline the various tasks that you need to do in order to write a blog. It may seem really simple because it is.

Writing a blog is very much like sending an email. Instead of a subject, you have a title, and the body of that is the posting. And theres a few more steps after that, so lets get right to it:

  1. Sign up for a blog. I would highly recommend :) If you have a GMAIL account then you can just login using that.
  2. Click on the create blog link and follow the instructions, it will have you pick a template for the blog, simply choose one you like. I always like the left centered blogs as them allow an image or text to run to the end of the readers screen no matter their size, and also allows for posting pictures bigger, which is what ever one wants is the pictures anyway if they can't read.
  3. Pick out a URL, Name of the blog, and other details that it will walk you thru.
  4. Create a "POST" - You have already created the Blog at this point and now you will post to your blog. You should post to a blog many times and as much as you can. See the infinite monkey theory maze cartoon below as to why you should just keep typing
  5. Carefully select a meaningful and descriptive title and select related keywords to label the post. I typically type out the keywords into the body and then cut and paste them into the keyword labels as it helps avoid the annoying autocomplete tool that they have messing up my flow.
  6. Click publish post. And then view the post, you can always go back and change the post if you made a mistake or want to retract an earlier statement.
  7. Go to step 4 to continue blogging on the next topic, to blend too many non-sequiters together.

Infinite monkey theorm - Maze Cartoon by Yonatan Frimer
team of monkeys typing shakespear maze infinite monkey theory

The infinite monkey theorum (link to wikipedia) is the idea that a monkey sitting in front of the keyboard will eventually hammer out the complete works of shakespeare. I wonder if it can do that and only put out a few mistakes in it. Well this cartoon maze pokes fun at the fact that if the monkeys are well trained and taken care for, they can indeed produce such result.

I say it pokes fun at it because the "Infinite Monkey theory" is a metaphor for some kind of random number generator that CANT be trained like a monkey.

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